• Recruitment 2021

    The Call for applications for the position of Foundation Doctor within the Malta Foundation programme which is run by the Foundation School Malta (FSM), starting July 2021, is expected to be out in… ...

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    It has been brought to the notice of the Malta Foundation School that malicious third parties have used the good name of the Malta Foundation School to disseminate fraudulent letters offering courses… ...

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  • Malta Foundation Programme 2020 - Call for applications

    The Call for apllications for the position of Foundation Doctor within the Malta Foundation Programme has been published. A link to the detailed description of Eligibility criteria and Terms and Conditions… ...

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  • Call for Applications for Foundation Programme starting July 2019

    The Call for applications for the Position of House Officer (Foundation Doctor) in the Ministry for Health of the Government of Malta starting July 2019 is now published and may be veiwed ...

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Welcome to Foundation Programme - Malta

The Malta Foundation Programme was officially launched in July 2009. It is an Affiliated Programme to the United Kingdom Foundation Programme. This means that the Malta Foundation Programme is the same as the UK Foundation Programme. Its operations are based on the same Reference Guide and offers the same Curriculum and educational and training opportunities as official UK Foundation Schools.

The setting up of this programme followed negotiations between the Division of Health Care Services of the Ministry of Social Policy, Health, the Elderly and Community Care of Malta and the United Kingdom Foundation Programme Office.

The affiliation status was awarded to the Malta Foundation School on 23 June 2009 by the Director of the United Kingdom Foundation Programme Office, Professor Derek Gallen, and was presented to the Malta Foundation School by Dr Stuart Carney, Deputy Director UKFPO, at the Official Launch of the Malta Foundation Programme. (The affiliation certificate can be viewed here.) This status enables trainees who complete the Malta Foundation Programme successfully to compete on the same level as those who are successful in the UK Foundation Programme for specialty posts in Malta, the United Kingdom or elsewhere.*

The Malta Foundation School was granted re-affiliation to the UK Foundation Programme on the 19th September 2011 for a further 5 years after fulfilling the Quality standards of the Medical Council Malta and the UKFPO. The re-affiliation certificate can be viewed here.

In 2014, the affiliation was renewed by the UKFPO and extended to September 2019. In March 2018, Health Education England renewed the affiliation of the Malta Foundation Programme to the UK Foundation Programme until September 2022.


* Candidates who wish to seek eventual full registration from the Medical Council in a country other than Malta, should seek advice from the respective Medical Council as prospective approval from some of that country’s institutions may be required. Persons graduating from a UK Medical School who would like to eventually seek registration with the UK General Medical Council are advised to seek written approval from the post-graduate Dean before joining the Malta Foundation Programme.
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