• Call for Applications for Foundation Programme starting July 2019

    The Call for applications for the Position of House Officer (Foundation Doctor) in the Ministry for Health of the Government of Malta starting July 2019 is now published and may be veiwed ...

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  • Timeline 2019

    The Timeline for the Malta Foundation Programme July 2019 recruitment intake has been issued and may be viewed here.


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  • Renewal of affiliation

    On 20th March 2018, Professor Russel Smith Post-graduate Dean and Co-Chair, Health Education England, in a letter to Malta Foundation School Directors Professor Kevin Cassar and Dr Tonio Piscopo, communicated… ...

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  • Timeline 2018

    The expected Timeline for entry into the Foundation Programme 2018 has been issued and can be found here.


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Multi-source feedback - Team Assessment of Behaviour (MSF-TAB) was previously described as 360° assessment. These are collated views from a range of co-workers. MSF-TAB should usually take place twice a year, unless concerns are identified. The foundation doctor should nominate at least 10 raters/assessors for MSF-TAB. Most raters/assessors should be supervising Consultants (Clinical Supervisors), GP specialists, Higher Specialist Trainees (HSTs), Basic Specialist Trainees (BSTs) and experienced nursing or allied health professional (AHP) colleagues.

Guidance for trainees

The Foundation trainee should send off 15 assessment requests.

Out of the minimum of 10 required responses, the raters must be:

  • 2-8 doctors: must be at least one Consultant Clinical Supervisor / GP specialist; Preferably should include resident specialist, HST and BST from firm; no other foundation doctor
  • 2-6 Nursing Officers (NO) / Deputy NOs
  • 2-4 Allied Health-Care Professionals
  • 2-4 other team (eg secretaries, PGC staff, ward clerks...)

It is recommended that one MSF-TAB is done toward the end of the first placement (usually September) and another MSF-TAB is done in the third placement (usually March). The MSF-TAB should be done within the same placement time interval. (E-portfolio will only group MSF-TAB responses for every 3 month placement)

Guidance for Raters/Assessors

The trainee should send an e-ticket request to a valid email provided by the rater/assessor. It is the recommendation of the Malta Foundation School that emails used are the institutional ones (@gov.mt).

Once the rater/assessor receives this, he/she can use the link to go directly to the assessment page.

The Rater/Assessor should state whether he/she has:

  • No concern
  • Minor concern
  • Major concern

about the behaviour of the trainee in the following 4 areas: 

1. Maintaining trust / Professional relationship with patients:


Is polite and caring.

Shows respect for patients' opinions, privacy, dignity, and is unprejudiced. 

2. Verbal communication skills:

Gives understandable information.

Speaks good English, at the appropriate level for the patient. 

3. Team-working / Working with colleagues:

Respects others' roles, and works constructively in the team.

Hands over effectively, and communicates well.

Is unprejudiced, supportive and fair. 

4. Accessibility:


Takes proper responsibility.

Only delegates appropriately.

Does not shirk duty.

Responds when called.

Arranges cover for absence

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