• Renewal of affiliation

    On 20th March 2018, Professor Russel Smith Post-graduate Dean and Co-Chair, Health Education England, in a letter to Malta Foundation School Directors Professor Kevin Cassar and Dr Tonio Piscopo, communicated… ...

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  • Timeline 2018

    The expected Timeline for entry into the Foundation Programme 2018 has been issued and can be found here.


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  • Call for Applications Foundation Programme 2017 (updated 07/10/16)

    The Call for applications for the position of House Officer (Foundation Doctor) in the Ministry for Health has been issued by the Director (Resourcing and Employee relations), Ministry for Health.… ...

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  • Situational Judgement and Clinical Test

    Details on the Situational Judgement and Clinical test are now published. A Pilot test will be held at Mater Dei Hospital on the 7th May 2016. Those applicants to the Malta Foundation Programme 2017… ...

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Why should you choose Orthopaedics ?

Training Co-ordinator Mr. Ray Gatt

So you are a new doctor and not yet decided about with specialty to choose? Are you inclined towards surgery? Then read on. Orthopaedics in Malta is currently undergoing major restructuring in terms of training. We currently have an enviable six year training programme including two years of scheduled training in Oxford whereby you will be able to finish your fellowship. Looking for a post with good career progression? Then look no further. Orthopaedics is now the fastest growing department in terms of size. In the last two years, a total of six HST's were appointed and there is definitely need for more. So, if you want to pursue your dream, then join up. We need you and you need us.

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