• Call for Applications for Foundation Programme starting July 2019

    The Call for applications for the Position of House Officer (Foundation Doctor) in the Ministry for Health of the Government of Malta starting July 2019 is now published and may be veiwed ...

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  • Timeline 2019

    The Timeline for the Malta Foundation Programme July 2019 recruitment intake has been issued and may be viewed here.


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  • Renewal of affiliation

    On 20th March 2018, Professor Russel Smith Post-graduate Dean and Co-Chair, Health Education England, in a letter to Malta Foundation School Directors Professor Kevin Cassar and Dr Tonio Piscopo, communicated… ...

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  • Timeline 2018

    The expected Timeline for entry into the Foundation Programme 2018 has been issued and can be found here.


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The Foundation Programme is a bridge between medical school and specialty training. Your career is important and only you can manage your career. As an estimate, you will work 40 hours / week for 40 weeks / year for 40 years and that is a long time to do something that does not fulfil you. On top of that, work is not all that you will do. Your career has to fit in with the rest of your life so that a work-life balance can be achieved.

The Malta Foundation Programme offers a variety of resourses. These range from one-to one discussions, Windmills training day, Taster weeks, and other workshops which are organised throughout the year.

Our aim in this section is to provide you with a range of information and resources to support your career decisions and to help you manage your career effectively.

We want to support your career so that you are able to choose a career that makes the most of your strengths and abilities. So let us know what support you need by contacting us. However you still need to do your homework!

Below is just some information as to help you think about your career. Follow the links below as to obtain more information. Then to set you thinking just have a look at the questions below!

Post-graduate Training Programmes available in Malta

Post-graduate Training Co-ordinators

The Medical Specialist Accreditation Committee

Healthcare Professions Act


Q&A Section

For each question below, note down your answers. At the end, review all your answers and think about which are the most appropriate career options for you.


You need to understand yourself and develop the art of self awareness and reflection.

What are your values, interests and abilities (within and outside medicine)?

What motivates you and is important to you?

What are you good at?

What's your skill set?

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years time?

Within Medicine? Out of medicine?


This is all about researching what is out there.

How many specialities?

What does the work involve on a day to day basis?

What are the lifestyle implications?

What opportunities are there for changing or specialising further at a later point in time?

Is there any potential for research or travel?

Do I want to study here or abroad?

What's the earning potential?

What is the daily work environment like?

How competitive is a particular speciality?  Is it growing or declining?

Decision Making

Do you have any idea?

Where do I start with exploring which speciality?

What is important to know and what is irrelevant?

What do I include in my application form / CV?

What should I leave out?

Everything that you learn about yourself and about your potential career options will eventually lead to the point where you have to make important and life impacting choices. It is good to spend some time reflecting on how you make decisions and recognising the implications of your style for career planning.


Making it all happen. Obvious, but the final bit of the model is putting everything into action and making your career plans a reality, not just an aspiration or good intention!

Dr. Pierre Ellul

Careers Lead

Associate Foundation Training Programme Director

Malta Foundation School

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