It has been brought to the notice of the Malta Foundation School that malicious third parties have used the good name of the Malta Foundation School to disseminate fraudulent letters offering courses… ...

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  • Malta Foundation Programme 2020 - Call for applications

    The Call for apllications for the position of Foundation Doctor within the Malta Foundation Programme has been published. A link to the detailed description of Eligibility criteria and Terms and Conditions… ...

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  • Call for Applications for Foundation Programme starting July 2019

    The Call for applications for the Position of House Officer (Foundation Doctor) in the Ministry for Health of the Government of Malta starting July 2019 is now published and may be veiwed ...

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  • Timeline 2019

    The Timeline for the Malta Foundation Programme July 2019 recruitment intake has been issued and may be viewed here.


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List of trained assessors

Below you will find a list of doctors who have had Foundation Assessment Training. The list will be updated with each training session.

Dr. Alexia Giovanna Abela

Dr. Patrick Farrugia

Mr. Massimo Abela

Dr. Alison Fava

Dr. Monique Abela

Prof. Stephen Fava

Dr. Martin Mallia

Dr. Ethel Felice

Dr. Nektarios Afthonidis

Dr. Herbert Felice

Mr. John Agius

Prof. Albert Fenech

Dr. Rachel Agius

Dr. Josella Fenech

Dr. Shawn Agius

Dr. Kevin Fenech

Dr. Rodianne Agius

Dr. Valerie Ann Fenech

Dr. Hermione Andrejevic

Dr. Peter Ferry

Mr. Predrag Andrejevic

Dr. Anthony Fiorini

Dr. Charmaine Apap

Dr Bryan Flores Martin

Dr. Nathalie Apap

Mr. Mark Formosa

Dr. Andrew Aquilina

Dr. Nancy Formosa

Dr. Duncan Aquilina

Mr. Norman Formosa

Dr. Josanne Aquilina

Dr. Michela Frendo

Dr. Nicola Aquilina

Dr. Claudia Fsadni

Dr. Oscar Aquilina

Dr. Peter Fsadni

Dr. Rosalie Aquilina

Mr. Joseph Galea

Dr. Sue Aquilina

Ms. Julie Galea

Dr. Thomas Armatys

Dr. Karl Galea

Mr. Alex Attard

Dr. Nathalie Galea

Mr Thomas Attard

Dr. Raymond Galea

Dr. Mark Attard Biancardi

Dr Alexander Gatt

Prof. Simon Attard Montalto

Dr. Miriam Gatt

Dr. Claire Axiak

Dr. Noel Gatt

Dr. Charles Paul Azzopardi

Dr. Analise Gauci

Dr. Eugene Azzopardi

Dr. Mariana Gauci

Dr. Joelle Azzopardi

Dr. Miriam Giordano Imbroll

Dr. Neville Azzopardi

Dr. Ryan Giordmaina

Dr. Mark Bailey

Dr. Caroline Gouder

Dr Alexandra Baldacchino

Dr. Anton Grech

Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino

Dr. Erika Grech

Dr. Christine Baluci

Dr. Mark Grech

Dr Diana Balzan

Dr. Moira Grech

Dr. Martin Balzan

Dr. Stephan Grech

Dr. Amanda Bartolo

Dr. Antonella Grima

Dr. Joanna Basic

Dr Mario Grixti

Dr. David Billocca

Dr. Mark Gruppetta

Dr. Michael Boffa

Dr. Patrick Huhn

Dr. Jeffrey Bonnici

Dr. Jonathan Joslin

Dr. Rodianne Bonnici

Dr. Stephanie Kotes

Dr. Andrew Borg

Prof. Godfrey Laferla

Dr. Eileen Borg

Dr. Stephan Laspina

Dr. Denise Borg Aquilina

Dr. Thomas Lofaro

Dr. Charles Joseph Borg

Dr. Caroline Jane Magri

Dr. Elaine Borg

Dr. Charles Mallia Azzopardi

Mr. Dunjic Branco

Dr. Maria Mallia

Prof. Mark Brincat

Dr Susan Mallia

Dr. Louisa Brockdorff

Mr Alex Manche

Dr. Louis Buhagiar

Dr. Ruth Mangion

Dr. David Busuttil

Dr. Tanya Melillo

Dr. Gerald Bususttil

Dr Franco Mercieca

Dr. Josephine Busuttil

Dr. Victor Mercieca

Mr. Walter Busuttil

Dr. Alison Micallef

Mr. George Buttigieg

Dr. Lisa Micallef Grimaud

Dr. Jesmar Buttigieg

Dr. Josef Micallef

Dr. Mark Buttigieg

Dr. Kristian Micallef

Dr. Micheal Buttigieg

Dr. Tiziana Micallef

Prof. Joseph Cacciottolo

Dr. Beppe Micallef Trigona

Dr. Mario Cachia

Dr Anthony Mifsud

Dr. Edward Calleja

Dr. John Mifsud

Dr. Neville Calleja

Dr. Tania Mizzi

Dr. Roberta Callus

Dr. Michelle Montantaro Gauci

Dr. Victor Calvagna

Dr. Stephen Montefort

Dr. Fiona Camenzuli

Mr. Yves Muscat Baron

Dr. David James Camilleri

Dr. Etienne Muscat

Dr. Franco Camilleri

Dr. Jeffrey Muscat

Dr. Rene Camilleri

Dr. Jessica Muscat

Dr. Robert Camilleri

Mr. Kenneth Muscat

Dr. Gaby Captur

Dr. David Pace

Dr. Philip Carabot

Dr Simon Paris

Mr. Clifford Caruana

Dr Tonio Piscopo

Mr. Gordon Caruana Dingli

Dr. James Pocock

Dr. John Paul Caruana Galizia

Ms. Carmen Portelli

Dr. Malcolm Caruana

Ms. Josephine Psaila

Dr. Marika Caruana

Dr. Matthew Psaila

Dr. Marius Caruana

Dr. Edgar Pullicino

Dr. Maryanne Caruana

Dr. Christopher Rizzo

Dr. Brendan Caruana Montaldo

Dr. Valerie Said

Dr. Paul Caruana

Dr. Carmen Salafia Zammit

Dr. Aaron Casha

Dr Anthony Samuel

Dr. Andrew Cassar

Dr. Antonella Sammut

Dr. Charmaine Cassar

Dr. Mark Adrian Sammut

Dr. David Cassar

Prof C Savona Ventura

Dr. Daniela Cassar Demarco

Dr. Alexia Schembri

Mr. Karen Cassar

Dr. John Schembri

Mr. Kevin Cassar

Mr. Mark Schembri

Dr. Maryrose Cassar

Dr. Andrew Schiro

Dr. Matthew Cassar

Dr. Christopher Sciberras

Dr. Noel Cassar

Dr. Javed Shah

Dr. Abigail Cassar Parnis

Dr. Bassam Shamala

Dr. Paul John Cassar

Dr. Paul Soler

Mr. John Cauchi

Dr. Anna Spiteri

Dr. Kieran Chircop

Dr. Danica Spiteri

Mr. Charles Cini

Dr. Dorianne Spiteri

Dr. James Clark

Dr. Michael Spiteri

Dr. Bernard Coleiro

Dr. Nadette Spiteri

Dr Helga Consiglio

Ms. Angela Sultana

Dr Adrian Cordina

Mr. John Thake

Dr. John Cordina

Dr. Myra Tilney

Dr. Paul Cuschieri

Dr. Terence Tilney

Dr. Hector Cutajar

Prof. Josanne Vassallo

Dr. Stephanie Dalli

Dr. Mario Vassallo

Dr Renzo Degabriele

Dr. Mark Anthony Vassallo

Dr. Simon De Gabriele

Mr. Alberto Vella

Dr. Sarah De Giovanni

Dr. Antoine Vella

Mr. Joseph Debono

Dr. Joseph Vella Baldacchino

Dr. Ritianne Debono

Dr. Malcolm Vella

Dr. Vella Briffa Sandra

Dr. Mario P. Vella

Mr. Ernest Ellul

Dr. Roberta Vella

Dr. Pierre Ellul

Dr. Dorian Xuereb

Dr. Khalid El-Nahhal

Dr. Mariosa Xuereb

Dr. Joseph Farrugia Agius

Dr. Mark Xuereb

Dr. Brian Farrugia

Dr. Robert Xuereb

Dr. Cecilia Farrugia

Mr. Jason Zammit

Dr. Charmaine Farrugia

Dr. Jonathan Zammit

Dr. Daniel Farrugia

Dr. Kristian Zammit

Dr. Emmanuel Farrugia

Dr. Paul Zammit

Dr. Eric Farrugia

Dr. Valerie Zammit

Dr.Cynthia Farrugia Jones

Mr. Anthony Zrinzo

Dr. Claude Magri

Dr. Abela Stephen

Dr Borg Buontempo Mariella

Dr. Barbara Chris

Dr Xuereb Mark

Dr Bellia Edward

Dr. Fiorini Anthony

Dr Borg Noel

Dr. Schembri Marcel

Dr. Micallef Grimaud Lisa

Dr. Farrugia Mario

Dr Bugeja Anton

Dr. Galea Chantal

Dr Busuttil Walter

Dr. Borg Cauchi Angela

Dr Caruana Mariella

Mr. German Karl

Dr Caruana Paul

Dr. Drago Allan

Dr. Casha Marilyn

Dr. Farrugia Sant Angelo Victoria

Dr. Farrugia Patrick

Dr.Joslin Jonathan

Mr. Fenech Anthony

Mr. Azzopardi Thomas

Dr. Gatt Ray

Mr. Borg Joseph N

Dr. Gouder Melvin

Dr. Mangion Paul

Mr. Handjiev Ivan

Dr. Vella Sandro



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