• Call for applications issued

    The Call for applications for entry into the Malta Foundation Programme starting July 2022 has been published. Full details may be found here.


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  • Recruitment FP 2022

    The Call for applications for the Malta Foundation Programme starting July 2022 will be published very soon. Please follow this website very closely for updates.


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  • Recruitment FP 2021-UPDATE 11/10/20

    Details on the expected Situational Clinical Judgement Assessment are now provided. Please visit the Interview page here for further details. 


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  • Call for applications issued

    The Call for applications for the position of Foundation Doctor in the Malta Foundation Programme starting July 2021 has been published and the full Call can be found ...

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Publications and Policies

Below you can find for download, documents which are useful for the Foundation Programme Malta.

Trainee handbooks

The most recent publication of the Foundation Programme Malta Office has been the Foundation Programme Guidebook. This publication gives a very down to earth insight into Foundation training in Malta, with useful tips by the Foundation docdtors themselves. You may download the Guidebook here.

This handbook was modelled on the UK Foundation Programme Rough Guide, but was edited specifically to fit to the local Programme.

The Foundation Programme Malta is the same as the UK Foundation Programme and is affiliated to it. Thus the same Curriculum for Foundation Training is used.

Curriculum resources can be found in the Curriculum section of this site.

Reference Guide

Curriculum delivery is based on a Reference Guide. In 2012, this was updated, and the new document can be found here.


The Foundation Programme Malta is using the electronic version of the portfolio managed by NES SCotland. Instructions on how to enter into the Demo E-portfolio site can be found here.

Trainer handbooks

The Foundation Programme Malta regularly organises training courses for Educational Supervisors and for Assessors of the Foundation Programme. Training Aids may be downloaded here.


The Foundation School Policies are being hosted on the backend of this site for best maintenance practice. The backend is accessible to all trainees and members of Faculty. If you need further information on any of the policies below please contact us. 

Appeals policy

Gender equality policy

Sexual harassment policy

Sick leave policy

Study leave guidance for Foundation Trainees

Study Leave Policy - Department of Health

Swap shop policy

Vacation Leave entitlement

Violence, Harassment and Bullying policy

Violence/Harassment incident reporting form

Medical Council Malta (MCM) publications

The MCM regularly publishes guidance and regulations relating to the Medical profession in Malta. The Malta Foundation School particularly recommends the publications below for applicants to the Programme and for Foundation Doctors:

Guidelines for Medical and Dental Students: Professional Values and Fitness to Practice

The Ethics and Regulations of the Medical and Dental professions (2012)

General Medical Council (GMC) UK publications

The Malta Foundation School, with the support of the MCM, also recommends the following publications by the GMC to Foundation Doctors:

The Trainee Doctor (Foundation and specialty, including GP training) (2011)

Good Medical Practice (2013)

Consent: patients and doctors making decisions together (2008)

Confidentiality (2009)

Leadership and management for all doctors (2012)

Protecting children and young people: The responsibilities of all doctors (2012)

Raising and acting on concerns about patient safety (2012)

Treatment and care towards the end of life (2010)

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