• Call for applications issued

    The Call for applications for entry into the Malta Foundation Programme starting July 2022 has been published. Full details may be found here.


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  • Recruitment FP 2022

    The Call for applications for the Malta Foundation Programme starting July 2022 will be published very soon. Please follow this website very closely for updates.


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  • Recruitment FP 2021-UPDATE 11/10/20

    Details on the expected Situational Clinical Judgement Assessment are now provided. Please visit the Interview page here for further details. 


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  • Call for applications issued

    The Call for applications for the position of Foundation Doctor in the Malta Foundation Programme starting July 2021 has been published and the full Call can be found ...

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Interview for FP entry 2022

The interview for recruitment to the position of Foundation doctor is directed by the Human Resources Department of the Department of Health and the Public Service Commission of the Government of Malta. The Public Service Commission may make changes to the process from year to year. The Malta Foundation School is in a position to issue guidance on this process based on that which was undertaken in the previous years.

With the introduction of the Situational Judgement and Clinical Test in 2016, this aspect of the process will be standardised in this test, and the interview is expected to address mainly the aspects below.

Please keep yourself updated by visiting this site regularly in the run up to the Recruitment process.

NB: In view of the unpredictable COVID-19 situation, this year the Situational Judgement and Clinical Test will NOT be held. A Clinical assessment during the interview will be held instead. Further details on this aspect of the interview may be found below.

The interview

The interview is usually conducted by five interviewers who will:

1.    verify the information provided in the application form. Those applicants who are not able to verify claims made in the application form or provide the documents required will not be able to proceed further in the selection process.

2.    verify claims made about language proficiency and assess Personal Qualities.

3.    ask questions which address relevant experience, qualifications, communication and personal qualities.

4.    ask questions on clinical scenarios

As announced above, this year a Situational Clinical Judgement Assessment during the interview will be held instead of the Situational Judgement and Clinical Test. These are commonly encountered clinical scenarios on hospital wards which Foundation year 1 doctors will be encountering and dealing with under senior supervision, while following local and international guidelines. The assessment will be undertaken in the English language and based on questions asked in viva voce on the subject matter.

The expected subject matter forming the basis of the Situational Clinical Judgement Assessment will be mainly the below. 

• Anticoagulation management: INR and APTT
• Electrolyte management
• Acute confusional states
• Chest pain
• Shortness of breath
• Post-operative complications
• Urine retention
• Collapse and shock
• Syncope
• Overdoses
• Falls in elderly persons
• Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
• The febrile patient
• Gastrointestinal bleeds
• Hepatic encephalopathy
• Ascites
• Common arrythmias
• Jaundice
• Skin rashes in the acute setting
• Low urine output
• Gynaecolgy and Obstetric emergencies
• Anaphylaxis
• Medication administration errors
• Neutropenic sepsis
• Congenital bleeding disorders
• Spinal cord compression
• Acute limb ischaemia
• Chronic limb ischaemia - ulcers and gangrene
• Deep Venous thrombosis and Pulmonary embolism
• Diabetic foot complications + sepsis
• Issues around COVID-19
• Oxygen management in wards
• Diabetes control
• Hypoglycemia
• The Early Warning Score
• Intravenous fluid prescription
• Arterial blood gas interpretation
• Infection control on the ward
• Management of venous access lines



Please note that the below marking is based on the previous recruitment year's marking procedure. This is ultimately decided by the Interview Board which is appointed by the Malta Public Service Commision. Thus the marking and distribution of marking may change from year to year.


Table 1: Breakdown of marks




Qualifications and Educational achievements






Situational Clinical Judgement Assessment



Relevant Experience







Applicants may be asked to present evidence at the start of the interview for marks to be awarded in the sections on  Qualifications and Educational achievements and on Relevant experience. Only original documents will be considered. Claims made on the Curriculum vitae will need to be supported by evidence in order for marks to be given.

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