• Results of recruitment process for 2023 intake

    The Ministry of Health has issued the results of the recruitment process today. Applicants who are overseas can access the results by sending an email to Ms Danica Gauci on danica.gauci@gov.mt citing… ...

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  • Call for applications issued

    The Call for applications for entry into the Malta Foundation Programme starting July 2022 has been published. Full details may be found here.


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  • Recruitment FP 2022

    The Call for applications for the Malta Foundation Programme starting July 2022 will be published very soon. Please follow this website very closely for updates.


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  • Recruitment FP 2021-UPDATE 11/10/20

    Details on the expected Situational Clinical Judgement Assessment are now provided. Please visit the Interview page here for further details. 


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Eligibilty 2023


The Eligibility requirements for recruitment into the Malta Foundation Programme entry July 2023 has been published in the call for applications which may be found here.

A summary of the usual requirements is provided below for your general guidance. However, in the case of any discrepancy from the below summary, the final eligibility requirements will be as specified in the Call. The usual required documents for the application process are also listed below, but you should refer to the final call for the full details.


Application process

The application process for the filling of posts in the Malta Public Service is via the Government of Malta Recruitment Portal which can be accessed here. Please register with the site, then login and look for the relevant Call for applications - Position of Foundation Doctor in the Ministry for Health.

Fill in all the requested personal information and attach the mandatory documents and any other supporting documentation which may be relevant for the post. (IMP: Please make sure that you attach ALL the required information in the section called CERTIFICATION, within the My Profile tab.)

When you are sure that you have filled in and uploaded all the necessary information, click on the Submit button.


Medical School Dean's Statement

This is a statement of good standing and declaration of target date of graduation. It should also declare your Academic ranking in deciles. This information is not used to determine your eligibility, but your academic score. Where information regarding the   academic ranking is missing or inconsistent, then the lowest academic score will be used.


(Download sample of Medical School   Dean's Statement here)

Post-Graduate Dean statement:

Candidates who wish to seek eventual full registration from the Medical Council in a country other than Malta, should seek advice from the respective Medical Council as provisional approval from some of that country’s institutions may be required.

Persons graduating from a UK Medical School who would like to eventually seek registration with the UK General Medical Council are advised to seek written approval from the post-graduate Dean before joining the Malta Foundation Programme.

Graduates from other countries should check with their Medical Council if they intend to register with the said Council of the country which awarded their degree.

Mandatory for UK graduates.

Primary medical qualification - i.e. a photocopy of your original degree certificate, along with a translation in English as required by Call for Applications.

This is not applicable if you have not yet qualified.


Knowledge of Maltese

Knowledge of Maltese will be assessed by the interviewing panel at an interview.


Knowledge of English

A photocopy of a valid pass certificate from the academic   version of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) showing that your minimum score is 7.5 in each of the domains: speaking,   listening, reading and writing.

The IELTS certificate is only valid for two years. If your IELTS was done before 2 years from the date of the call for applications, you will need an updated certificate.

An IELTS certificate is not   required if your Medical School Dean's Statement confirms that your primary   medical qualification (including the language of instruction, examinations   and a significant amount of clinical contact with patients) has been   undertaken in English.


Your Medical Degree Qualification and Provisional Registration with the Medical Council Malta

It is the responsibility of applicants to obtain a Letter of Intent* from the Medical Council of Malta that their Medical Degree qualification is registrable by the said Council. This is essential for the eligibility process to progress.

This letter will demonstrate evidence that the Medical School of your training and the course you are following are eligible for consideration of Provisional registration with the Medical Council Malta, if you are accepted into the Foundation Programme.

You are thus advised to make contact with the Medical Council Malta as early as possible, expressing your wish to apply for the next intake of the Malta Foundation Programme. You will be asked for details about the Medical School of your training and details on the course you are following. The actual Letter of Intent from the Medical Council will need to be presented with your application to make you eligible for progress in the Foundation Programme application process.

It is the responsibility of interested applicants to make sure that they apply for the letter of intent through the Malta Medical Council in ample time prior to the call of applications. Interested applicants are urged to access the Malta Medical Council website to view the deadline of applications for the letter of intent.

The Medical Council Malta may be contacted on medicalcouncil@gov.mt.

*Students graduating from the University of Malta Medical School do not need to apply for the Letter of Intent


Other Qualifications:

It is the responsibility of applicants, in possession of qualifications awarded by Maltese or foreign Universities/tertiary   education or other institutions (excluding qualifications awarded by the University of Malta) to produce a recognition statement on comparability of qualifications issued by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA), or other designated authorities, which statement should be uploadedto the application and the original presented at the interview.


Malta,   EEA and Swiss nationals

You must provide one of the following:

a.        A photocopy of your passport visa page, name page and photo page OR

b.        National identity card OR

c.        Birth certificate issued in Malta which specifies the names of the holder's parents plus a copy of a formal document from a previous employer or authority showing your name and National Insurance number OR

d.        Certificate of Registration or Naturalisation as a Maltese Citizen.


Criminal   Record (Police Conduct certificate) issued by the Police not earlier than one (1) month from the date of this call for applications


Service & Leave Record Form(GP 47) in case of   employees within the Malta Public Service

Basic Life Support

Candidates who are eventually accepted to the Malta Foundation Programme need a valid Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate before joining the programme. This certificate will be mandatory in order for candidates to do Immediate Life Support (ILS) training early in their Foundation Year 1. By the start of employment and training, applicants must be in possession of a valid recognised Basic Life Support Certificate.


Curriculum Vitae

A detaled curriculum vitae (ideally in Europass format) showing qualifications and experience should be uploaded as directed on the recruitment portal here.

(For ease of reference, the Europass template may be accessed at: http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/documents/curriculum-vitae/templates-instructions).

It is the candidate's responsibility to make sure that all declarations in their CV are corroborated by documents which provide the relevant evidence.


Other Qualifications:

It is the responsibility of applicants, in possession of qualifications awarded by Maltese or foreign Universities/tertiary   education or other institutions (excluding qualifications awarded by the University of Malta) to produce a recognition statement on comparability of qualifications issued by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC), or other designated authorities, which statement should be attached to the application and the original presented at the interview.

Submission of recognition statements in respect of qualifications: (from the 'General Provisions' in the Call for Applications)

  1. With the exception of those qualifications referred to in paragraphs 2. and 3. hereunder, applicants are required to produce a recognition statement issued by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC) within the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE), or by any designated authority, as applicable.  Such statement should be attached to the application and the original presented at the interview.
  2. However prior to requesting recognition statements as per paragraph 1. above in respect of their qualifications, candidates should first consult the database of regulated qualifications of the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) which can be accessed on http://www.ncfhe.org.mt/content/home-malta-qualifications-framework/5963805/ . Applicants are exempt from submitting a recognition statement as mentioned in paragraph 3.1 if they are presenting qualifications listed on the said database.
  3. The presentation of a recognition statement by MQRIC is also not required in respect of local qualifications issued by the University of Malta (including those awarded by the MATSEC Board), the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) and awards, certificates and diplomas from Ministries governed by a protocol with the NCFHE.
  4. In cases of doubt, however, the Selection Board may set aside these exemptions and direct an applicant to procure a recognition statement from MQRIC.  In such a case the applicant shall be given one month to procure, the statement, subject to the possibility of extension as provided for in paragraph 5.
  5. In the case of qualifications not covered by paragraphs 2. and 3., applicants are to submit the recognition statement as described in paragraph 1.  Applicants who are not in possession of such a statement may still apply, provided that they submit a copy of the statement to the receiving department/directorate as soon as it is available.  Applicants who fail to present the required statement within the one-month period for reasons beyond their control may request an extension of this time limit, up to a further one month, from the department/directorate receiving the applications, indicating clearly the reasons for the delay.  Requests for extensions beyond this period are to be submitted for the consideration of the Public Service Commission.


All the information in the Recruitment section of this website is provided, as accurately as possible, to help applicants with the Application process. The Call for Applications issued by the Ministry for Health is the ultimate document to follow during the process.

Any queries may be addressed to the Foundation School Office (as above). If necessary, the advice if the Human Resources Department of the Ministry for Health will be sought.




Qualifications and experience claimed must be supported by certificates and/or testimonials, scanned copies of which should be uploaded onto the Recruitment Portal.
No certificates or further supporting documentation will be accepted for consideration beyond the closing time and date specified in the call for applications (for exceptions, refer to paragraph 5. above under Other qualifications).

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