• Timeline 2018

    The expected Timeline for entry into the Foundation Programme 2018 has been issued and can be found here.


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  • Call for Applications Foundation Programme 2017 (updated 07/10/16)

    The Call for applications for the position of House Officer (Foundation Doctor) in the Ministry for Health has been issued by the Director (Resourcing and Employee relations), Ministry for Health.… ...

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  • Situational Judgement and Clinical Test

    Details on the Situational Judgement and Clinical test are now published. A Pilot test will be held at Mater Dei Hospital on the 7th May 2016. Those applicants to the Malta Foundation Programme 2017… ...

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  • Recruitment 2017

    The Malta Foundation School announces a change in the selection process for recruitment into the Malta Foundation Programme which starts in July 2017.

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Timeline 2018

The expected Timeline for Recruitment into the Malta Foundation Programme 2018 is shown below. The Malta Foundation School will work hard to make sure that any changes which are beyond its control are kept to the minimum.




The  Malta Foundation Programme (MFP) is affiliated to the United Kingdom Foundation Programme.  As a result, the MFP is bound to streamline its recruitment process to  that of the United Kingdom Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO), and  conform to its rules and regulations.

Until  2012, applicants to both UKFPO and MFP could decline allocated UKFPO  posts after accepting to join the Malta Foundation Programme. This led  to late withdrawals from the UK allocation process. In 2013 in agreement  with the UKFPO, the Malta Foundation School changed the Timeline so  that the names of applicants who accept their post on the Malta  Foundation Programme will be notified to the UKFPO prior to allocation  of applicants to programmes by the UKFPO for these applicants to be  withdrawn from the UK FPAS. Applicants who are successful and accept the Malta Foundation Programme post will not advance further in the  UKFPO allocation process. Applicants who are successful but decline the  Malta Foundation Programme post will not retain their position in the  Malta Foundation Programme.

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